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15 Years Of Experience

Your Homes Best Friend

Lower Maidland Cleaning


Lower Maidland Cleaning is committed to our customers. We are your homes best friend, and just like any best friend our team knows your needs and is willing to throw in some tough love to keep your home clean beyond your expectations. 

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Residential Cleaning

Lower Maidland Cleaning provides residential cleaning services for all of your cleaning needs. If you need something to sparkle our team will be there to help!

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Party Cleaning

Everybody loves a good party, but very rarely does your guests stay over to clean up the mess. When you throw a party bigger than intended and need some extra hands cleaning  give Lower Maidland Cleaning a call!

Deep Cleaning

Are you noticing build-up of gunk in those hard to reach corners? If so, you are due for a deep cleaning by home cleaning professionals! 


Post-Construction Cleaning

This service is for those of our customers who are renovating or building a residence. Giving you a clean space for ongoing construction, inspections, and final presentations. 

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Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry

We all get busy from time to time. Being unable to finish our daily to-do list can be frustrating. That is where we come in. Our team are happy to take this chore off your list.

Inside Oven

Does anybody really know the last time they cleaned inside their oven? Let our team of professional cleaners take care of those forgotten burnt bits stuck to the bottom of your oven!

Inside Cabinets

Inside of cabinets are often missed just because it is out of sight. it;s not out of dust build up, food crumbs, and even sticky build up can be found in or above your cabinets. 

Interior Walls

Interior walls are often neglacted and is a space we commonly don't think of  regularly cleaning. Don't neglect your interior walls let our team help you, Do you remember the color your walls used to be. 

Inside Fridge

Your fridge can get out of hand quickly. Our team will come remove all your shelves and really deep clean it where it counts. Help us help you keep your food stored in a clean environment. 

Interior Windows

Windows get cleaned but how often do you deep clean your windows? Inside the tracks and corners are occasionally missed. Our team has an eye for that kind of thing and will be sure to make your windows shine. 

About Us

Making Your Home Our Best Friend for 15 Years

With over 15 years of experience our professional cleaning experts have been making best friends with our customers homes for a long time. Our team is small we do this to make sure you have the same trusted cleaner every time! 

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