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House Cleaning Services

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Residential Cleaning

Lower Maidland cleaning offers a wide range of services with a team of two;  we provide scheduled residential cleaning,  one time/move outs  all the way to post construction cleaning. If you need something to sparkle we got the team to help! 


Whether you are a property owner or a realtor we know it's one of your busiest time; so let us do what what we do best because who would want to buy a dirty home, right!

Move In/Out Cleaning Lower Maidland Cleaning offers a more comprehensive and detailed move in and out to make it sparkle like new. With the right checklist of what is expected we have it memorized to make your move at ease.

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Mess left after a party

Party Cleaning

Had a party.... need help cleaning up the mess? Did more people show up than expected.....Tis the busiest times, holidays, celebrations, sports night, guests coming and on- going entertaining means bigger messes. Cleaning gets overwhelming so why not lighten the load call your friendly cleaning service here. 

Deep Cleaning

Every home needs a good deep clean even with regular cleaning duties. We are here to help take care of those neglected corners or hard to reach areas and making your way to a fresh new home. We all know we live busy lives so let your home's best friend take care of you.

Squeaky clean glass railings 🏡_It's rea

Post-Construction Cleaning

Whether you are renovating or building your residence, you need your space clean for ongoing construction, inspections, final presentations, and most important a safe environment to organize your next methodical step. Lower Maidland Cleaning is here to insure that becomes a reality.

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Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry

We take away the chore list of doing the laundry for you, whether it's a bag of bedding or towels, we're happy to place a check off the list. We aim to make your day easier.

Inside Oven

Let's be honest we probably clean the inside of our stove right before the holiday family dinner, sometimes that is the busiest and stressfull time so why not call for the pre party or after party clean up and incorporate this into your clean.

Inside Cabinets

We always like to touch up on the eye level look inside cupboards, however once a year you may want to add to your cleaning services to have expired food thrown out and those sticky messes cleaned up in the back of the cupboards.

Interior Walls

About to put a new paint coat over your other paint job? sounds like to me that's a cleaning job before the hard work comes in, or maybe you just want a fresh clean and dust free environment, call for another check yes off the list of chores today.

Inside Fridge

We always like to do touch ups on the fridge but lets face it we need to get right in there at times and take out all the shelves to have that fridge sparkle; the saying goes you are what you eat so lets keep our food stored in a clean evironment.

Interior Windows

Not only do we usually incorporate touch ups on windows but we also love to spend more time inside of your tracks and cornersfor you.

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