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About Lower Maidland Cleaning

Your Homes Best Friend

Who Are We?

 Myself with 15 years of experience, I have built an amazing team and acquired a great substantial amount of customers from realtors to veteran affairs and busy body families, not to mention post construction and renovation cleaning for some of those builders. If it needs to be cleaned Lower Maidland Cleaning has a team for you that you will love.


We know it takes a great deal to protect your homes investments and we understand the urgency to have your residence ready for welcoming. That is why I've made it my goal to hire the best hardworking hands to put in some natural elbow grease and some good eyes to pay attention to all those little details up high, down below, and in between those corners that others might miss. I have made our team to stay small, less hassles, less confusion, and minimal waits. No other franchises or bosses to talk to, just one person to direct your needs. The best part I believe I have pushed  for is only 2 cleaners chosen for your home !! This will insure less confusion in what needs to be specifically done in your home at ease, and know your home is being taken care of by the same cleaners that you have built trust in and of course made your home their best friend.  

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"Debbie started cleaning my house and we were so happy with her work we now have her cleaning our office. I highly recommend her and her crew."

-John Lew, North Burnaby

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